Modular Advanced


The Oasis Homes Collections are engineered by full time staff of licensed engineers that create the production drawing for each home taking into consideration all the products and materials that the client has chosen for their new home. They ensure everything fits together and the products are installed according to the manufacturer's specifications. The engineers also design the framing plans, electrical plans, plumbing plans, and all structural and finish related details for each home. Most other manufacturing facilities have standard plans with generic engineering. These plans often don’t work for the finish products the client chooses, the plans need to be altered. The manufacturer usually will outsource the engineering and if the engineering company is not intimately familiar with the manufacturing process, more problems evolve and the final product does not work out as intended.


Our Signature Home Collection series offers complete customization. We collaborate and work with the your design needs, taking into consideration your final product selections. Our designers are experienced and can offer recommendations with many specifics such as lighting applications, they understand tile and flooring height considerations, and can provide alternative window designs. Let us bring your concepts to life with special cabinetry, wall arches, pillars, and trim that will represent your personal style. Our staff takes the time to gather information and details about you so each room is designed to feel natural to your workflow. Oasis is dedicated to make sure that your home is well thought out and designed for YOU.


The graded lumber is inspected before it is accepted into the factory. Engineering has created detailed drawings with exact measurements for the machines to cut with precision. The lumber is placed in jigs for assembly. Point loads, snow loads, wind shears, energy calculations and a host of other structural checks are done on each home. The home is overbuilt compared to traditional stick built homes and even to most other modular factories; it is built with 20%-25% more lumber and is engineered to withstand transportation and lifting of the modules onto the foundation by crane.

Fastening Systems

The way the building is fastened together can vary profoundly. We use a tested combination of screws, nails, metal strapping, lag bolts, through bolts, metal lumber connectors, construction staples, and construction adhesive. The nails are applied with nailing guns and the recommended nailing patterns are followed. In addition to the products used to fasten all the home components together, the process by which they are used is also critically important to the overall fit and finish of the home. As an example – the drywall is placed flat on a horizontal plane, the fabricated stud wall system is placed on the drywall and then a specialized adhesive is used along the sides of the studs and wood framing to adhere the drywall. This ensures that the drywall is tight against the wood framing with far more connection than a standard drywall screw method, and minimizes the nail pops and screws pops that occur in a typical home. This is just one of the hundreds of advantages that an advanced factory can provide.


The process in which a home is built is every bit as important as what materials it is built with. Nailing a wall together 2 x 4’s is a small process but can be done very differently. Some factories place the studs on a workspace, measure and cut what is needed and nail it all together. Our factory provides a cut sheet for the lumber needed, machines cut the lumber to the right length and a detailed layout is provided for the carpenter. The carpenter then places the lumber into a jig that keeps the walls straight and then fastens the lumber together with nailing guns adhering to the recommended nailing patterns.

This advanced process continues throughout the whole building process, detailed production drawings produced by engineers, structural calculations checked, machine involvement in the application of products and fastening systems, lumber presses, framing jigs, nailing patterns.

Details and Tolerances

The amount of variation in the straightness of a wall will vary due to the process is was built, lessor factories have a process that emulates how traditional stick built homes are built, except built indoors in “sections”. Our factory has been using advanced techniques and processes for years that have proven to produce higher consistency, tighter tolerances and a much better fit and finish to your home. Straight and plumb walls, exact floor systems, better fastening systems, graded and inspected lumber, built inside for quality control and product protection, all these things come together and make a much stronger, well finished home.