Pricing FAQ

If you receive a standard price from a modular home retailer who does not take the time to identify the type and quality of home that you want, the price you receive will most likely be the lowest quality version of the floor plan. Since there are fixed costs associated with the home project, such as permits and standard business costs, the reduced cost you receive will be made in the quality of the products used to build the house. See the list below for a small sample of the hundreds of differences that can affect the overall price of a home.


  • Size of home
  • Type of foundation
  • Lumber size, grade, and type
  • Septic size
  • Windows
  • Size of garage
  • Shingles
  • Porches and Decks
  • Methods used to put the home together
  • Roof pitch
  • Roof snow load
  • Insulation type and thickness
  • Ceiling heights
  • Wall thickness


  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Siding or exterior coverings
  • Cabinets
  • Floorings
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Built-in desks and bookshelves
  • Countertops
  • Door hardware
  • Finish trim and doors
  • Tray ceilings
  • Furnace
  • Exterior window surrounds and trim
  • Water heater
  • Quality of fit and finish


The most common question a homebuyer will ask is, “What is the price?” Unfortunately, there is no "one price fits all" answer. The reason the answer is not simple is because although the floor plan may be exactly the same, the quality of structural and finishing materials may be drastically different from house to house. When calculating costs everything matters, from the thickness of lumber to the style of the cabinet knobs. Discussing your needs with us is the most important step in the process to providing you with an accurate price.


Oasis Homes understands our homebuyers and in our experience, 100% of our customers make some type of change to the home floor plan. That is the sole reason we do not offer a standard price to our customers.

Our home specialists care about every detail of your home and will take the time to help you with selections to fit your budget.  This process ensures that you receive a home price estimate that fits your personal budget.

We will provide you with various estimates for floor plan options, amenities, project timeframes, and additional items such as property and site requirements, elevation characteristics and budget considerations. We will work closely with you during the entire site improvement and home selection process and provide you costs based on your selections and needs.

We offer full customization of your home. Most of our homes are designed from an idea or inspired from another floor plan. If you have found the perfect floor plan from one of our standard plans, you can customize everything from the size of the home to the doorknobs and everything in between. We know the selection process can be overwhelming, even for seasoned home buyers, call us today so we can help you.


Modular homes are comparable to stick-built homes in quality, so you should be realistic in your expectations. You can expect a savings in the price, as well as savings in maintenance and energy costs. Modular homes are a great value, and the cost efficiency savings increases as the size of the home increases. A great benefit of the modular process comes from the large buying power of the manufacturer, the larger the home the greater savings on the materials and labor. Let our modular home designers assess your needs based on your individual lifestyle, not on the size of your pocket book.


People are under the impression that modular homes are more difficult to finance. In fact, because of the popularity modular homes have gained in recent years, many financial institutions are excited about financing modular homes due to faster completion times, fewer cost overruns and overall positive client feedback.